Sunday, February 21, 2010

Record Counter for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0: once more

I've developed new version of record counter. Now it works not only for main grids of entities - now it works for associated views to.

Results for associated views you can see at screenshots:

Source code and complete dll you can download here:

Plugin registration:


Execute step registration:

RetrieveMultiple step registration:

Rollup step registration:

Full registration:

To make possible Rollup message handleable with plugins you should execute following query against organization database:

Update SdkMessageFilter 
Set IsCustomProcessingStepAllowed = 1
Where SdkMessageId in
(Select SdkMessageId From SdkMessage Where Name = 'Rollup')


  1. Excellent work. Deployed this in our internal environment and it works very well. Well done!

  2. Another brilliant solution

  3. :( is there a way to exclude entities. We have a 3rd party product that crashes with this plugin.

  4. Only to download source code, exclude entities you need from code, build it and re-register.

  5. Hi there, excellent work. Just an issue i found during my testing. Seems when i build an advanced find and try to shre before saving, if the counter appears on the top of the selection, even being SA, CRM complains that i don't have permissions to share this record. Also i can open the counter line and edit it adding information to the fields, and if i try to save obvioulsy it gives me an error. Is there a way to avaid this?. Thanks