Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Review of book - Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Application Design

This book was written with my CRM MVP and forum fellow Mahender Pal.

I read this book in a single breath and I can assure that this book would be helpful for both beginners and veterans of Microsoft Dynamics CRM world.

Chapter 1 describes common information about CRM - what is it, different deployment options, clients that could be used to work with CRM, software and hardware requirements and out-of-box modules.
Chapter 2 describes basic customization that is available in CRM.
Chapter 3 describes automation points that could be used in CRM without involving of developer into the project - dialogs and workflows.
Chapter 4 gives understanding how CRM business logic could be extended using plugins - serverside triggers that react on different system events.
Chapter 5 gives understanding how developers can extend client side scenarios.
Chapter 6 provides information how external applications can interact with CRM using endpoints in different deployment models.
Chapter 7 provides the description of Mobile Client for CRM.
Chapter 8 shows different basic scenarios that you can face with during implementation of CRM.

I highly recommend to read this book from author who has deep knowledge of all the aspects of implementation of CRM.

In case you are interested in this book please use following urls for accessing:

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