Monday, April 01, 2013

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011: How to send SMS from CRM

I have completed this task for one of customers so I decided to share with results.
SMS WebGateway
I spent several hours searching most appropriate vendor and I stopped on
To register account open mentioned url and go through following steps:

You can choose other options of course in case it would be more useful for you.
I checked my email box and I found an email from Clickatell with registration information:

I returned back to clickatell portal and logged in using provided credentials.

 Next step is to create a connection (choose first one – HTTP/S):

Once connection is created you will see similar screen (copy text from second textbox somewhere – it would be used).

Open your CRM and import solution into it.

Once solution is imported open it and choose Configuration settings, fill all available fields and click Save.

Fill field in one of available entities with mobile number.
Create SMS as it shown and save it.
Once SMS is created click close SMS and choose Dispatching option from activity close dialog, click OK.

SMS has to be delivered to you soon.

All types of deployments are supported. One requirement - CRM Server has to have direct connection to an Internet.