Saturday, October 12, 2013

How to turn on Duplicate Detection for client side in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

Microsoft decided to remove Duplicate Detection feature in 2013 version. Why? Not sure.
Following article describes how to restore this functionality.

 1. Download SDK for Dynamics CRM 2013 using following link -
2. Unpack it to your hard drive and open \SampleCode\JS\DuplicateDetection.
3. Import solution to your CRM:
 4. Open entity form where you want to activate feature back (for example contact) and add OnSave event handler as it shown on following screenshots:

 Here are parameters that have to be passed to onsave event handler:
["fullname", "firstname", "lastname","emailaddress1"],
"dialogHeight: 250px; dialogWidth: 600px; resizable: yes; status: no;"

5. Save form and publish changes.

6. Open new contact form and try to create contact that would be potential duplicate. If you have done everything in a right way you will see following popup:

Full documentation and installation instructions are located in \SampleCode\JS\DuplicateDetection folder in document ReadMe.docx.

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