Monday, February 10, 2014

MS CRM 2013: OOB BingMaps control shows ‘click here to view map’ – what to do?

This article can help you to activate this feature for On Premise deployment only! This would not work for Online!
If you see something similar when you open your CRM Organization that means that for some reason MS decided to limit your possibility to see location of contact, account or other record on map:

To fix it do following steps:
1. Connect to SQL Server where DBs are located.
2. Open SQL Management Studio and execute following query against your CRM DB:

Select LocaleId From Organization

That will give you locale code of your organization. Now you need to convert this value to culture name (for example using this post) – in my case ru-RU.

3. Execute following query against MSCRM_Config DB:

Select NVarCharColumn From ServerSettingsProperties Where ColumnName = 'AvailableBingMapLocales'

That will give you the list of locales for which BingMaps would work (in my case it was cs-CZ;da-DK;nl-BE;nl-NL;en-AU;en-CA;en-IN;en-GB;en-US;fi-FI;fr-CA;fr-FR;de-DE;it-IT;ja-JP;nb-NO;pt-BR;pt-PT;es-MX;es-ES;es-US;sv-SE).

4. Write and execute script to update list of locales using following template:

Update ServerSettingsProperties
Set NVarCharColumn = 'Value from step 3;Value from step 2'
Where ColumnName = 'AvailableBingMapLocales'

In my case:

Update ServerSettingsProperties
Set NVarCharColumn = 'cs-CZ;da-DK;nl-BE;nl-NL;en-AU;en-CA;en-IN;en-GB;en-US;fi-FI;fr-CA;fr-FR;de-DE;it-IT;ja-JP;nb-NO;pt-BR;pt-PT;es-MX;es-ES;es-US;sv-SE;ru-RU'
Where ColumnName = 'AvailableBingMapLocales'

5. Make iisreset and try to open form where bingmaps was not shown before. If you’ve done everything right map had to appear:

PS This modifications are unsupported and mentioned changes can harm your deployment. Use it own risk.

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