Friday, October 05, 2012

Tool that increases limit of record during export to Excel for Dynamics CRM 2011

One of my customers wanted to increase this limit. I made small investigation and discovered that setting that controls limit of records is stored at Organization entity in MaxRecordsforExportToExcel column. The easiest way to change this setting for On Premise of course was to Update directly OrganizationBase table but customer’s CRM is OnLine. So I developed small tool that allows to connect and update this setting using CRM Sdk.
I’m very appreciated to MVP fellow Tanguy Touzard who created Connection Control. This amazing assembly decreased development time down to 1 hour. How it works:
1. Run Application.

2. Connect to CRM.

3. Fill ‘Export to Excel Limit’ field.
4. Click Update.
Once this is done limit will be changed.
You can download tool here: