Thursday, November 01, 2012

MS CRM 2011: How to refresh Associated or SubGrid from Ribbon button

Today I have got requirement – create custom ribbon button placed to Associated View of entity, execute some logic and invoke refresh of grid. Last point was the trickiest one and that’s why I decided to share with approach how to do it.
First step is to create library that will contain JavaScript that will be executed when button is clicked:
OnRibbonButtonClicked = function(grid){
    //put your logic here

    //code that refreshes grid

Second step is to customize ribbon (I use for it Ribbon Workbench). As a sample I took contact entity. Select Subgrid Option in Ribbon Workbench:

Create new button:

Create new command and configure action of created command. Key point here is to pass grid as a parameter of handler:
Click OK and define command for button:

Publish solution:

Recheck that it works:

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