Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011: Lookup address by ZIP Code

This time I had task to write code that lookups address details (country, state and city) by entered postal code. I will share with my results in this post.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011: Error after applying Update Rollup 12/13

I haven’t updated my VM to latest updates for a long time and I decided to do that today. After Rollup was installed I saw message that Rollup was not applied to one or several organizations. I ignored that message and tried to log in to CRM. I have got following error:

DynamicsWorld 2013 Most Influential Microsoft Dynamics People List – Results

Today I found results of subj voting and it was a good surprise for me that I was listed even with worth position (last year I was 74 comparing 98 this year). Congratulations to all participants of voting who was listed!